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"Highly recommended. I can regard my first ayawaska experience as one of my prime spiritual turning points"


Ayahuasca (ayawaska, Hayawaska, etc.)
Used as common names for the Malpighiaceous Banisteriopsis caapi, Banisteriopsis inebrians, Banisteriopsis quitensis, Banisteriopsis muricata, and Banisteriopsis longialata as well as the Solanaceous Juanulloa ochracea and the Violaceous Rinorea viridiflora.

Ayahuasca (ayawaska in the Quechua language) is any of various psychoactive infusions or decoctions prepared from the Banisteriopsis spp. vine, usually mixed with the leaves of dimethyltryptamine-containing species of shrubs from the Psychotria genus.

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Ayawaska Testimonials:

Ayawaska was my deepest spiritual experience and its effects remain with me to date long after the experience ended the same way the effects of a vipassnana retreat remain etc.
It enabled me to have a glimpse into my deep deep subconcious sewage which I had had no clue of its existence, it guided me in my path in a way no guru or book have ever managed to do. Indeed it wasn't easy but I felt that the intensiry was tailored exactly to what I can take plus a little bit more... so I trusted it and surprisingly had no fear.

Ayawaska is more than just a root. It is an entity. For skeptics it may sound strange... but you cannot remain skeptic after experiencing ayawaska...

Just go with a free mind, no reason to worry. The ayawaska will take care of you, you will understand what I mean...

It opens the subconscious in a way you cannot believe. It opens your senses to dimensions you cannot believe.